HIGHLIGHTS | Newcastle United 1-1 Aston Villa

13 მარ 2021-ში
39 185 ნახვები

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  • Astonvilla big mistake Loosiing hourihane Giving less chance to annwar al ghazi Bringing trezequet as never showed up Absence of jack grealish Not thinking to bring t abraham

    Noorsaba ShaikhNoorsaba Shaikh2 თვის წინ
  • *Samattayı bizden geri alın kendi cebimden para vereceğim.*

    TosbikTosbik3 თვის წინ
  • Commentating is too much drama .

    James DevineJames Devine3 თვის წინ
  • Decent performance Deano, not convinced by Ramsey though and thought Cash might have played. We need to play our best players when we have them available, just look at the impact Barkley had immediately.

    The Sun StateThe Sun State3 თვის წინ
  • First when epl started astonvilla was like they will be top four but overconfidence let them down and westham gone up ....

    FavorFavor3 თვის წინ
  • bang

    Made AryaMade Arya3 თვის წინ
  • Come to n Villa sort your shit out! We should be taking advantage of teams like this!

    Phil McAvityPhil McAvity3 თვის წინ
  • Smith's team selection was a joke.

    Yellow SnowmanYellow Snowman3 თვის წინ
  • No excuse for giving away the lead right at the end like that ffs! 🤦‍♂️

    6502-Coder6502-Coder3 თვის წინ
  • A game we should have won too many mistakes.

    Robert Peter WhiteRobert Peter White3 თვის წინ
  • I'm Spanish and I love this big club I'm saying that for you know until where arrives this big club (If I write it bad I'm sorry because I'm a Spanish boy and I don't talk English very well)

    Juan SalasJuan Salas3 თვის წინ
  • Highlights

    Ruth AbrahaRuth Abraha3 თვის წინ
  • Elmo and Barkley out

    Luke JohnLuke John3 თვის წინ
    • & replace Barkley with Ramsey? no thanks

      The Sun StateThe Sun State3 თვის წინ
  • Barkley must start!

    AA3 თვის წინ
  • Last five games without Grealish : won 1 draw 2 lost 2. We need another Grealish in the squad. Konsa and Martinez are carrying Mings who stood looking at the ball that gave the equalizer. I saw him get turned around at least 5 times. We didn't deserve a victory. Having said all that I'm still happy with the job dean smith has done. A creative midfielder and a clinical finisher would see Villa become real challengers

    Glenn LoughranGlenn Loughran3 თვის წინ
  • That goal by Newcastle in the last minute cost me several points on fantasy🙄🙄🙄

    Boris RadonjicBoris Radonjic3 თვის წინ
  • Donde están las estadísticas avanzadas :(

    Advanced cycle CrewAdvanced cycle Crew3 თვის წინ
  • completely disappointed on the result.UTV

    Bashir HussainBashir Hussain3 თვის წინ
  • That was up there with one of our worst performances this season. Watkins had his worst game in a Villa shirt so far. Barkley has no vision, he had Sanson on his left for our final chance of the game which would of been a goal. Dropped points against a lower team once again. We have been poor lately.

    mcalpha3mcalpha33 თვის წინ
  • Everyone going on about grealish.. I think Matty cash has had an even bigger effect! Defensively and going forward :(

    Ross GellerRoss Geller3 თვის წინ
    • I agree with you. Hope he’ll be back next game.

  • Konsa is an beast 💪🏼 mings bit of a let down today but we go again Tottenham will be a massive game for our Europe chances

    avfc 69avfc 693 თვის წინ
  • It looks like we gonna stay in this league for next season. However I think we need a prolific striker with very good finishing and intelligent to partner Watkins next season in order to be devastating in attack. We can’t always depends on Grealish. I doubt Wesley would be able to create any significant goodies when he is back.

    • Atalanta's Muriel

      The Sun StateThe Sun State3 თვის წინ
    • Abraham will help massively

      Jamie BJamie B3 თვის წინ
    • Aguero is free next season

      flume xxkaixxflume xxkaixx3 თვის წინ
  • Our wingers don't put the ball in. 9 times out of 10 they try and take on 3 or 4 players to get a shot off. Watkins is getting next to no service. When he gets it look what happens.

    Mark KnightMark Knight3 თვის წინ
  • A very bad referee counts 4 minutes, Newcastle agrees to a draw. Watikins must move to the stand near the goal. The team wants a harsh lesson from Dean Smith after the first goal, the loss of 3 goals, all achieved due to selfishness and blame the defense for not focusing in the last moments and losing 3 easy points.

    Mohamed Nabil_76Mohamed Nabil_763 თვის წინ
  • Not watching villa till grealish is back. Got lucky with a goal and can’t even see out a few bloody minutes. Like kick the ball up field if u have to protect the ball? No one closing him down for that cross what’s wrong with you ?

    Unknown FreedomUnknown Freedom3 თვის წინ
  • Give it a rest moaning already let the team gel but i will say...some woeful performances by a few players lately

    James FlemingJames Fleming3 თვის წინ
  • im annoyed but not annoyed

    MrahMrah3 თვის წინ
  • Here we are the play I like

    Daniel_rdmDaniel_rdm3 თვის წინ
  • We are poor without super Jack. Dean needs to try something different & give a few of the regular players a bit of a rest instead of blaming the amount of games we play. Yes, this is only our second season back, but surely the players can not be expected to run theirselves into th ground. I fear we will struggle without Watkins, should he get injured. We need to buy more quality cover for players like Jack & Olly when the transfer window opens. Thankfully, we now have the international break to get the players rested.

    Michael John WicksMichael John Wicks3 თვის წინ
    • Big Wes played with the U23 team the other night. He's not far from being in the line up instead of Davis who should surely realise He's running out of time in a Villa shirt...

      PoeticmicPoeticmic3 თვის წინ

    0ff1cial_Dloose0ff1cial_Dloose3 თვის წინ

      Jake JohnstonJake Johnston3 თვის წინ
  • Wondering when fans will realise Watkins is decent until he actually gets the ball then he looks like he’s never played ball in his life. Works hard and willing to run the channels, scored a few tap ins too, great but this fool cannot even dribble with the ball and he suppose to be a prem level striker 🤦🏼‍♂️ I for one am embarrassed for him when I see him play!! NowRoss Barkley, this guy is seriously over rated! Great start to his Villa career but since then he’s looks disinterested and unwilling to put the graft in. We better not buy this flop! Sick of seeing El Ghazi run into cul-de-sacs and hitting hopeful shots that are tame at best. I look forward to the day when these freeloaders are no longer villa players! VTID!

    Benn VenablesBenn Venables3 თვის წინ
    • Our guys gave away the ball too easily. Traore is one very good example. Can’t hold on to the ball and always tried to be fancy. Quite heartbreaking to see actually. Midfield engine not good enough to create impact. Watkins is not sharp enough too. Likewise for Al Ghazi, wasted lots of potential goals.

  • Not a particular good performance, but gutted to concede with virtually the last kick of the game. Also very sad not to have another clean sheet. We needed to kill the game off after taking the lead. We still have a bit of a soft underbelly in that regard. We have been very poor since the Brighton game. Sort it out Deano.

    Villa VidsVilla Vids3 თვის წინ

    Tatang TatangTatang Tatang3 თვის წინ
    • Hahaha not funny

      Dead Meat ClipsDead Meat Clips3 თვის წინ
  • I, like most Villa fans, am obviously more than happy with how we are doing this season but we keep making relegation battle teams look better than us. It's something in our game that needs to improve, no one can deny that.

    Cod597Cod5973 თვის წინ
  • Villa's Admin doesn't know how to add a thumbnail 😂😂

    MaahirMaahir3 თვის წინ
  • watkiiiiiiiins!!!

    philippephilippe3 თვის წინ
  • We had like seconds left... all we had to do was keep control, even if we’d have just hoofed it up the pitch That’s two shocking games now against relegation teams, we shouldn’t be giving these away

    Rob PickenRob Picken3 თვის წინ
    • You don't seem to be aware the McGinn tried this? He stuck it in the corner to guard it, it was taken off him and play continued. That's football dome times...

      PoeticmicPoeticmic3 თვის წინ
  • After the coronavirus epidemic, Aston Villa became a completely different team. They can't play the pass, create few moments, make many mistakes. Now they deserve 9th place in the Premier League

    Narodna VladaNarodna Vlada3 თვის წინ
    • Actually before coronavirus epidemic they were going down to the championship !!

      H D JH D J3 თვის წინ
  • Yes we’re missing Grealish but Newcastle were missing THREE of their most influential players and probably should’ve won. Deano needs a way of playing without his star man because 4 wins in 22 without him, dating back to the Championship is laughable

    Kieran WalkerKieran Walker3 თვის წინ
    • @Tristan Edwards only valuable contract expiring is Elmo, the rest don’t even play.

      Kieran WalkerKieran Walker3 თვის წინ
    • There few contract expiring they will build again this summer Small steps

      Tristan EdwardsTristan Edwards3 თვის წინ
  • Poor game but we move on, UTV!

    VijaygarvVijaygarv3 თვის წინ
  • Watkins 💃

    AVB 81AVB 813 თვის წინ
  • Highlights? Made a team in a relegation battle look better than us. Created sweet FA. Got a lucky deflected goal to put us ahead and then threw 3 points away in the final minute. Thumbs down. Not watching that twice.

    AJAJ3 თვის წინ
  • We are Arsenal 😘

    Redhotsaycool123Redhotsaycool1233 თვის წინ
    • FlxFlx3 თვის წინ
    • We've thrashed you 3 times in a row

      Dead Meat ClipsDead Meat Clips3 თვის წინ
  • This is proof that we can’t play without Jack

    fuskfrallanfuskfrallan3 თვის წინ
    • @Jamie B I'm saying one game isn't proof. You have to base it on multiple games. It was clarified later on that it's based on multiple games so that's fair enough.

      Spyro TekSpyro Tek3 თვის წინ
    • @Spyro Tek this is proof. We were beyond dreadful with a lack of creativity from anybody. God help us if he leaves in the summer

      Jamie BJamie B3 თვის წინ
    • @Jamie B He said this is proof though. This is one game.

      Spyro TekSpyro Tek3 თვის წინ
    • @Spyro Tek And if you look at our team, you will see that the only real playmaker we have is Jack

      fuskfrallanfuskfrallan3 თვის წინ
    • @Spyro Tek yes it does, we’ve dropped 4 points against 2 relegation sides because we haven’t been able to create enough, and that’s because jack hasn’t been there

      fuskfrallanfuskfrallan3 თვის წინ
  • What's this video quality 🤩🤩🤩

    StephenStephen3 თვის წინ